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President Quilt 2021

I am not sure how all Quilt Guilds do it, but in the JCQG we always present a quilt to outgoing Presidents. This years’ president, Pam Adcox received this beauty. Below is an image of our President Quilt 2021.

Pam Adcock president quilt
This one is interesting as it was one of the Round Robin quilts that many of our members contributed to. I cannot think of a better way to honor an outgoing President.

E2E Quilting

I chose to mimic some of the fabrics with an E2E pattern that is all about flowers.

Dainty Lady Floral

Check out the close up view of the President Quilt 2021 and you will see fabrics with the same motif.

Pam Adcock president quilt close

The backing fabric came from our donation table many months before. I saw it and knew that it would come in handy for a guild project in the future. As you can see, the floral motif looks great from the back as well.

Pam Adcock president quilt back

And here is our outgoing President with her new quilt!

How do you recognize your out-going presidents?

Final Quilt Stats

Quilt Name: President Quilt 2021
Size: 64 x 65
Quilt Pattern: Dainty Lady Floral
Thread: White Superior
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