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Poofy Mystery

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Recently, this pretty purple gem came in for quilting. I call this Poofy Mystery simply because it is a mystery quilt with very poofy batting.
I will say right off the bat that not every machine likes every thread and other elements. In this case, my machine did not like the batting. I will go into this later.
Karen Burns Mystery

The colors in this quilt are so vibrant, purple, blue and yellow. Using a coordinating purple hue in the thread was a very good choice.

E2E Quilting

The edge-to-edge quilting design chosen is Basic Curled Feathers. This design by Urban Elementz is not basic at all. In fact, it is a premium design in my catalog. As you can see from the images, it is an amazing motif and lends dimension to the quilt.

Karen Burns Mystery Close

Basic Curled Feather is a very dense pattern that looks good on almost any quilt.

Basic Curled Feather

Quilt Back

I love pieced backs. This mystery quilt had a cute cross on the back, it looked like a wrapped Christmas present. You can sew how the quilting pops out on the solid portion but recedes with the print.

Karen Burns Mystery Back

Unfortunately, the batting, while extremely high loft, was also abrasive. It tended to create burrs on my needle which caused thread breaks. Going slow and with patience, the final result was beautiful.

Final Quilt Stats

Quilt Name: Poofy Mystery
Size: 67 x 88
Quilt Pattern: Basic Curled Feather
Thread: Chianti Glide
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