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Plano Quilt Show 2018

Plano Quilt Show 2018

Over the weekend, I found myself once at the Plano Quilt Show.  This is one of the shows I tend to visit each season due to the quality of quilts and vendors.  I love shopping at quilt shows!

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I may be wrong but there seemed to be more vendors than last year, this made me very happy.

Mini Auction

Mini Quilt Auction Entries

As you walk down one of the hallways, you can check out the Mini Quilt Auction.  I really need to try a mini quilt.


I love to shop – this made me happy!


As usual, I take pictures of the quilts that strike me.  Sometimes they relate to a different topic, technique or other unifying element.  Here are a couple of my favorite Christmas Quilts.

There were many familiar vendors to shop with including, Stitched with Love, The Gray Rooster’s Wood shop – Frederick Ray Herman, Plano Sewing Center, Thomas Sewing Center and more!

Gorgeous Quilts

As always, this quilt show provided no shortage of beautiful quilts.  I tend to like select groups of quilts due to their originality or some other unifying element.  Here are the ones that stood out for me.

Christmas Quilts

There were others, but these two stood out for me.

Colorful Critters

These fun critters all seemed to fit together, the Llamas really made me smile!

String Quilts

String quilts are simple creatures that can provide a great deal of joy.

Other Quilts that Inspired Me

Many of these have paper pieced and/or applique elements. Their sharp points and crisp lines are a joy to enjoy.


This quilt was absolutely gorgeous and while it is difficult to tell, this is actually a two-tone quilt.  The unfortunate part is that the shadows that played on it really didn’t do it much justice.  I wish I could have enjoyed it for it’s full beauty instead of only looking at the top half.

Did you attend the Plano Quilt Show 2018?  What quilts were your favorite?

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