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Peace Tie’d Modern Quilt

I have wanted to use some vintage ties that were gifted to me years ago, and also someday make a modern quilt. Peace Tie’d is a combination of both.

From the moment I made this decision, the excitement of working on this project never waned. My only concern was the size of the quilt. Most modern quilts are not large. The final dimension of Peace Tie’d is 80×80.

A Tie is a Tie?

Peace Tie'd paper piecing

Pinterest was an amazing resource, one which I spent hours perusing for ideas. For this project, I wanted something different. There were many applique examples with circular designs. These were not what I was looking for. 

Then I thought tie? or Tie? My final design idea was to use paper piecing to create bow ties out of neckties. Now I had a design that would be fun.

Peace Tie'd Modern Quilt

Quilt Creation

Peace Tie'd Layout

The layout came easy. The trick was to choose some interesting and colorful ties. The background chosen did not compete with the ties and I was on my way. 

This is a teaser image I showed off on social media, I still wasn’t sure how to lay it all out. What I did know is that I wanted a sparse look with the bow ties floating on the quilt in a random way.

Quilting a Modern Quilt

There was never any question of what I was going to do when this modern quilt was loaded on my long arm. Horizontal lines were my first and only choice for quilting. From the first line, I knew I had made the correct choice. 

Of course, I had no idea how far apart to place my lines.  After about 6 rows, it was evident that I could add more so I split the difference and love the results. 

As mentioned above, Peace Tie’d ended up quite large at 80×80 inches. To add to this, I used double batting to ensure it would lay and hang flat. As one of the most masculine quilts I have ever made, the batting choice only made it more so.  

Peace Tie'd modern Quilt

Peace Tie'd Modern Quilt

Peace Tie'd Back

My Finished Modern Quilt

The final result is so exciting for me – my First modern quilt!  As you can see from the following image; however, it did turn out pretty large!

Peace Tie'd Modern Quilt
Peace tie'd Truck

Have you ever tried a Modern Quilt? I highly recommend it!

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