Patriotic Star Banner

Patriotic Star Banner
Patriotic Star Banner Block Design

The next quilt in my series “Banner Quilts” is the Patriotic Star Banner. As many of you know, I live paper pieced blocks, so to incorporate these sweet stars into a patriotic banner just seemed right.

The rest of the quilt was pretty straight forward. I have some great red/white/blue patriotic fabrics and really wanted to showcase them. By using my EQ8 program, I could get an idea how they would look using representational fabrics from the program itself.

Strip Layout

The arrangement of the strips makes a great deal of difference in the look of the quilt. I wanted my Patriotic Star Banner to have a good visual impact from a distance. To ensure this, I tried two different layouts.

Edge to Edge Quilting

I used Starlets as an all-over quilted pattern. This choice did a great job of bringing the quilt together. I did not go crazy with colored thread. These quilts are designed to be viewed from a distance. I ultimately chose the view from the left.

Edge to Edge Patterns
Patriotic Stars Quilting

View from the road

I am starting to really enjoy adding some color and a touch of quilting to the outside of our home. This will not be the only patriotic banner I create. This is a favorite style of banner which goes well with our American Flag. I hope to recreate the Support Our Troops flag that hangs opposite in quilted fashion. I think matching techniques will look great.

Patriotic Star Banner

Below is a link to the Bunny Butt Banner from last week – check it out if you haven’t already.

Bunny Butt Banner

What’s Next?

I am excited to say that I am working on a “WELCOME” Medieval banner which I can’t wait to complete. Most likely that will happen next weekend. The focus of this next banner is a panel gifted to me by my good friend – Margret.

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