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Paper Pieced Scrappy 2018

Paper Pieced Scrappy 2018
Paper Pieced Scrappy 2018

Paper Pieced Scrappy 2018 started out as a need to do something fun.  I really just wanted to create a quilt that included paper piecing, scrappy and movement.  

How to start?

I started by perusing the different, simple paper pieced blocks in my Electric Quilt 8 Program.  After checking out a variety of those offered, I settled on Crazy 28.  Four blocks together creates a wonderful star effect.

Paper Pieced Scrappy 2018
Crazy 28 Block from Electric Quilt 8

I had lots of fun choosing fabrics.  Those in the image above “represent” the colors and textures that I used for my own project.  


The border treatment for this quilt changed over time.  I originally wanted to do a geometric diamond border, but the more I looked at it, the more it seemed to compete with the motion of the blocks.  Instead, I decided on the following:

Paper Pieced Scrappy 2018

This border kept things spinning, but also seems to contain the movement in the center.


The quilting patterns I chose were rounded but full of motion.  What the heck!  The curves relate well to the sharp points but don’t hinder the twirling of the star pattern that has emerged.

The finished quilt

This quilt measures about 60″x60″ and works great on the wall or as a lap quilt. Front or back, I love this quilt no matter what view.

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