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Our Life in Texas – The Horses Move Home

One of the happiest moments of settling into our new home in Texas was when the horses finally came to join us.  Of course, this did not happen overnight!  A good deal of preparation had to occur first.  Then there was the issue of finding hay and other resources before they came home.

The first job to tackle was their new living quarters.  The pasture area was clean and level; however, there was the matter of a missing fence and a run-in shed.

The Fence

We had some tough choices when it came to fencing.  The perimeter

fence for the back of the property was 6 strand barbless wire while the main fencing around the home was welded pipe with no climb wire.  Originally, we were going to equip the containment fence that separates the pasture from the shop with 6 strand barbless wire like the main perimeter, those plans soon changed.

Then We Met Buddy Love!

Ok, I have no idea what the names of our neighbor’s horses are – have not met them yet, but when the grey stallion from next door started to come up to their adjoining fence and singing sweet nothings to Spirit, there was no other name to call him.  Because Buddy Love was such an amorous sort, it was decided that the fence we were building would be no-climb horse fence just to be on the safe side. Note: we also found out that there is another young stud pastured in the small area next door as well – just another reason to be better safe than sorry.

Putting up this fence was not easy, have I mentioned yet that we live on “devil dirt”?  Kyle calls it devil dirt because it is red in color and hell to dig post holes in.  Ultimately, we asked our nice neighbor to use his post hold digger for the end H-Braces.  They were over putting up the welded pipe back yard fencing so this worked out great.

The Shed

As soon as we knew which house we were buying, I began checking out local resources for contractors.  We chose the local company Homestead Sheds to do our horse shed and were very happy with the results.  The folks were pleasant and didn’t mess around. They were here when they promised and kept going until the job was complete.

Now we are settled in and can sit on the patio and watch the horses enjoying their new home as much as we are.  Each morning I walk the short distance across the back yard to feed and pet Rusty and Spirit – I can’t imagine living any other way.

2 thoughts on “Our Life in Texas – The Horses Move Home”

  1. It is great to see everything fall into place for you guys. With the horrible spring we are having I am jealous of you and where you leave. Told Mark in 2 years we are out of here-maybe Az. At least some where warm most of the year. Anytime you want to send me your phone number please do so, am sure Doc would also like to have it-if that’s okay. Happy relaxing on the patio and watching your horses enjoy their new surroundings.


    1. Don’t get me wrong, Wisconsin has a lot to offer, but after so much time and now that the kids are grown, it is time to do things differently. I will send over my new number – feel free to share whatever with Doc. Sure miss you guys!

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