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Our Keto Journey – part 2

As I mentioned in the first installment of our Keto journey, I wanted to revisit what we are up to and expand on some of the different elements that have evolved over the course of the last few months.  As with any journey, there will always be adjustments along the way.


Water, Water, Water – yep that is a mantra that we should be chanting all through life.  Doing the Keto diet (more of a lifestyle for us now), is no exception.  There just has to be more to life tho. 

Coffee – We are all coffee drinkers, and thankfully we gravitate to black coffee.  For others this can be a challenge.  The best alternative I have found to milk is heavy cream and this will help you to keep up your fat intake as well.

You will hear a lot about bulletproof coffee – I hate it.  To sum up, bulletproof coffee contains coffee, butter and oil.  There are many varieties and some pre-packaged versions as well.  The one piece of advice I hear a lot about is to blend your coffee well, this makes it more palatable.

Soda – No, just no.


Artificial sweeteners – So far, there is only one sweetener that I have found that stays true to no sugar and healthy.  That is Stevia.  I recommend only using the liquid version in drinks.  The keto journey doesn’t have to be without some sweetness..  Another great sugar free drink is Sobe Water.  I am in love with the Yumberry Pomegranate.  The downside is that this is pretty pricey.

Sweet Tea – living in the south, it is darn near impossible to throw a rock and not hit a glass of sweet tea.  Happily, I can report that this is something we drink quite a bit of.  I simply brew tea on the stove, add it to a container filled with ice and splash the liquid Stevia on at the end.  This is saving me from sweet cravings and helps keep me hydrated when I get sick of water.

Stevia Sweetner

Fat Bombs

I touched on the importance of these little cuties in my last post.  Do not let their importance escape you!  Not only do they do a great job of keeping you regular – they are also a perfect sweet treat.  Our family has one or two every night after dinner.

I posted the original recipe on my last post.  For reference, here it is again:

I also said that I had made some alterations.  Here is what you may want to know

  1. You can use other forms of nut butter, just be sure to watch the carbs.  I add up all the carbs in the batch and divide by the quantity of bombs made.
  2. For nut butter, I like to use a ½ to ½ mixture of organic peanut butter and Tahini sesame seed butter. Tahini has 4g of carbs per 2 tbs, or 16g of carbs for the entire recipe.
  3. You can use other forms of fat too!  I use Ghee instead of coconut oil and not only do my bombs retain their shape and don’t melt prematurely, they are delicious!  You can also use butter if you like. Just don’t make the mistake of using a liquid form of coconut oil. Your bombs will never set – even in the freezer.

When it comes to Fat Bombs, I don’t get too creative.  The fact is, our diet has become much less varied, we eat to live – not live to eat.  Keeping things simple really works for us.

Bomb Ingredients
Finished Bombs

You can find a gazillion recipes for fat bombs if you search.  Just be careful that you keep tabs of your total carbs or before you know it, you are gaining instead!

Wrapping it up

The most important thing I wanted to relay is that this is our own personal journey. We spent no money on programs, plans or prepared foods. If we can change our lives like this, so can anyone who wants to. It’s your life – it’s your journey!

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