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Olivia’s Unicorns

There were so many amazing quilts that came into the shop for quilting this Christmas. I was excited to be a part of the magic of so many Christmas mornings. Olivia’s Unicorns is a special gift. It is a bright and happy quilt for a young lady.

Olivia's Unicorns

E2E Quilting

Janet chose a cute bubble pattern for the quilting. It added the perfect amount of fun and curviness to the square blocks.

Edge to Edge Patterns
This and other E2E patterns can be found on our website. The top segment is reserved for new patterns that appear regularly.

Olivia's Unicorns Close

As you can see, these fussy-cut blocks are beyond adorable!

Olivia's Unicorns Close

Quilt Back

Even the back of this quilt has a personality all it’s own! It turned out to be pretty much reversible. Olivia has two quilts to fit her every mood.

Olivia's Unicorns Back

Final Quilt Stats

Quilt Name: Olivia’s Unicorns
Size: 64 x 56
E2E Pattern: Circle Meander
Thread: 10002 Super White Glide

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