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JCQG Mystery Quilt 2021

While some projects can be a challenge, JCQG Mystery Quilt 2021 was a joy! Yes, I did learn a few new techniques, but these were welcomed additions to my toolbox.

JCQG Mystery 2021
As with all mysteries, the clues come one-by-one. The first clue was to choose 3 fabrics but make them read as solids. YIKES! It took me quite a while to pick a dark, medium, and light that read this way. I am a bit picky with my fabrics and want to love them every time.
I finally settled on these:
Mystery Quilt 2021 fabrics

It used to be that I was drawn to rainbow colors, but recently I tend to stick to earth tones. Have you ever recognized trends in your fabric selections? Do you tend to gravitate to a specific color?


Because this is a mystery Quilt, I will refrain from posting many clues on how it was made. I will say that I really loved the wholesale method employed. It was easy to mark and sew so many half-square triangles. And there were a LOT of them!
jcqg mystery triangles

E2E Quilting

After my top was all put together, it was time to consider the quilting. I decided to go with an E2E pattern that would have a manly feel

Debonair E2E
Debonair Pro Stitcher

Above is an image of how I laid this all out on my machine to stitch. It is hard to tell where things start and stop – which is how it should be!

JCQG Mystery 2021 close
jcqg mystery 2021 close 2
I was so pleased as this pattern was stitching out, the JCQG Mystery Quilt 2021 was coming together!
As I was wrapping this quilt up, I purchased some new software for my embroidery machine. What a difference there is now in what I can do! Here is the label.
JCQG Mystery Quilt 2021 Label

Finally, no quilt is complet without the Loki Stamp of Approval!

Loki stamp of approval

Do you like Mystery Quilts? I can’t wait for our next one to start, but I will choose a whole new color pallet next time!

Final Quilt Stats

Quilt Name: JCQG Mystery Quilt 2021
Size: 65 X 85
Quilt Pattern: Debonair
Thread: Glide Wheat
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So, what do you think?

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