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JCQG Mystery Quilt 19-20

Every year, our guild holds some fun internal events. We have brown bag raffles, Christmas in July, round-robin, and mystery quilt. Today, I showcase the JCQG Mystery Quilt 19-20.

Talented quilters assist in our programs. Donna Bardwell is one such talented lady. Each year she challenges us to create beautiful Mystery Quilts.

While I am honored to quilt many of these each year, I did not quilt all of the ones pictured. So, with no more wait, below are images of different versions of the Mystery Quilts 19-20.

I don’t have a full picture of mine yet, but here is one with little Lulu Bear and I at our guild meeting.

If you want to see more quilts from previous years, check out these other posts:
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Does your local group create Mystery Quilts? If not, many Facebook or other online communities do these projects as well. Quilter’s World Magazine had a great Scrap Buster version you can try.

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