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Myah’s Quilt

Who doesn’t love pinwheels? The striking contrast of red, black, and off-white is so pretty on this quilt. Myah’s quilt has a bit of traditional and modern appeal.

Myah's Quilt

E2E Quilting

I thought the choice of Hypnotic was neat. The quilt has lots of squares so to add in a spiral design is perfect. The swirls both mimic the pinwheel feel and soften the hard edges.

This is a denser edge-to-edge design that works hard to cover all the seams as it swirls about the quilt.

Myah's Quilt Close 2
Myah's Quilt Close 1
We chose Linen Glide thread to avoid the brassiness of the bright white. Many of the fabrics are more mellow so this was a good choice
The quilting did not show up for pictures on the back. The Linen thread melted into the solid color back.

Final Quilt Stats

Quilt Name: Myah’s Quilt
Size: 52 x 68
Quilting Pattern: Hypnotic
Thread: Linen Glide
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