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Mother’s Quilt

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My friend, Debbie has done it again. Her Mother’s Quilt was made with so much love and it shows. This quilt has become a remembrance of Mom – and that is all I will say on that.

Mother's Quilt

This quilt measures 89 x 63. The pattern is Spectrum, created by Jinny Beyer. I am in love with the jewel tones dark borders.

Thread and E2E Choice

Mother’s quilt includes dark backing and borders as well as an intense rainbow hues. Titanium Glide thread takes nothing away from its beauty.

Mother's Quilt Close

The E2E pattern that the customer chose for this one is new from Urban Elementz. Ginger Flight is one of the prettiest butterfly motifs I have seen yet. Because Mom loved butterflies, this was a perfect choice

Ginger Butterflies

From the back, this edge to edge pattern is always pretty. The butterflies dance all over the dark backing fabric.

Mother's Quilt Back
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