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Morning Glory Spring Banner

As you know, I enjoy adding Banners to the collection to show off to the world. Sometimes, these are created from scratch and sometimes I utilize special panels. Morning Glory Spring Banner incorporates a gorgeous banner, a creative border, and custom quilting.

Morning Glory Spring Banner

Quilt Assembly

I chose this panel because of my husband’s love of morning glories. When we lived in Wisconsin, we had so many beautiful varieties. These bloomed everywhere.

Wisconsin Morning Glories

The borders on this quilt were from fabric I found at Antique Alley. You never know what vintage finds you can secure there. Now, no matter what the weather, we can enjoy them.

Custom Quilting

Banners are great opportunities to do some custom quilting. This time I actually combined E2E with custom. The motif on the center panel is Ginger Flight. I love how these butterflies add to the panel.
Ginger Butterflies
On the inner border, I chose to do a frilly feather pattern with dense fill. This lets the feathers stand out.
Morning Glory Spring Banner Close

There are feathers and curls on the outer border that do not show as well but do add to the texture. Check out the video below to see this process:

I will continue to add banners to my collection. Adding quilts to the front of our home makes me happy.

Morning Glory Spring Banner Porch

Quilt Stats:

Quilt Name: Morning Glory Spring Banner
Size: 42 x 60
Quilting Pattern: Ginger Flight and Custom
Thread: Ocean Blue, White, and Yellow Ice Glide
Batting: Warm & Natural 80/20
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