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Mission Giraffe

  • Quilting

Mission Giraffe may sound like a silly name for a quilt. In reality, it is quite descriptive.

Mission Giraffe
The fabrics are very much Giraffe, but the Mission part comes from a memory. This is a gift to someone who joined in on Mission to Africa. This quilt will serve to remind someone of a wonderful adventure.
I love this idea!

Edge to Edge Quilting

Meander was such a perfect choice for edge to edge quilting. The pattern itself dances along and mirrors the giraffe markings.

Interlocking Meander

Titanium Glide thread shows just enough of the quilting.

Mission Giraffe close

Quilt Back

Like an animal hinding in the wilds of Africa, the quilting all but absent in the pretty backing fabric.

Mission Giraffe Back

This quilt is quite simple, but the choices made in assembly and stories it tells make it amazing.

Quilt Stats

Quilt Name: Mission Giraffes
Size: 58 x 42
E2E Pattern: All Over Meander
Thread: 10431 Titanium Glide

So, what do you think?

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