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What a fun name – Mirtha. I always ask each customer what the name of their quilt is and sometimes I am rewarded with fun results. Sometimes, people look at me and wonder what I am asking. I never thought that people didn’t name their quilts – I name many inanimate objects.

Cars, Lawn Mowers…. yep, I named a lawn mower “Bubba” once. Alas, Bubba passed so I had to invest in another. It was about this time that I was teasing about getting another horse. It really wasn’t time for another so I named my next riding mower “Trigger”.

But back to Mirtha. This is a sweet quilt with bold patterns and vibrant colors. The quilting thread choice was a hot pink which really popped!

Mirtha 4
Pretty Pink Thread adorns Mirtha

The back quilted out as pretty as the front. The flowers on the backing seem to dance with the swirls of the edge to edge pattern. Speaking of which…

Edge to Edge Pattern

The fun swirling pattern of the edge to edge quilting really softened all the hard lines of the piecing. Smitten was the perfect choice!

Edge to Edge Pattern
Smitten Edge to Edge

Mirtha complete

The complete quilt was so pretty that I had to hang it outside in the sun to photograph. Of course, here in Texas the breeze is always a’blowing so sometimes outside images are a challenge.


Last but not least, my grand puppy, Loki decided she needed her picture taken with this pretty quilt. So, here she is.

Pretty Loki posing
Does your special "helper" like to have their picture taken with quilts?
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