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Medieval Flags

Medieval Flags

What do you do when your quilt rod can no longer hold a quilt? Create some cool custom pennants to decorate the space. I am in love with these medieval flags, they really work with the other elements in our home.

Medieval Flags

New Book Cases

Originally, I had these two cool walls with curtain rods on them. I could hang quilts according to the season or my mood and change the look of our living room. And then a good friend gave me some beautiful book cases. For so long, I was sad because my books were still in the shop in boxes. I just didn’t have a spot for them. Now I did – but there was a cost.

I could no longer hang wall quilts like the one below in that space.

Quilt Hanger

By adding the book cases, I gained all my treasures, but lost a spot to hang quilts. In addition to this, I now have a rod with very little space to hang anything.


After careful thought, I decided to get out my design book and create three flags that represent our family’s interests. The compass is for our daughter, the knights helms is for my husband and I chose the butterflies. The blue color is special to me, but the butterflies were just because – because I loved that fabric so much! Of course, I looked on Pinterest for inspiration for these medieval flags and decided on a simple design that showcased colors and fabrics.

Pennant Design

How do you use small spaces to showcase your creativity?

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