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Mark Butcher Remembered

For this year’s holiday season, I was honored to preserve memories for so many people. Mark Butcher Remembered is a T-shirt quilt to include the military record of a very special man.

Mark Butcher Remembered
The t-shirts that comprise this quilt are very eclectic in nature. The variety makes this a beautiful way to remember someone.
One thing I wanted to point out is that not all T-shirts are created with accuracy. Motifs can be off-center or even tilted. This makes the job of preparing blocks a very important step.
Mark Butcher Remembered Centering

If care is taken, the end product can be beautiful regardless.

E2E Quilting

With all the love in this quilt, Ginger Heart was the perfect E2E design.

Ginger Heart

I love how the hearts look all over the blocks.

Mark Butcher Remembered Close 2
Mark Butcher Remembered Close 1

Quilt Back

The background fabric hides most of the quilting. This is ok as the front is really the important stuff
Mark Butcher Remembered Back

There is one more element to review. The customer wanted her husband’s military information embroidered on the front of the quilt. One of the T-shirts had only a small amount of embroidery on it. This became the perfect spot.

Mark Butcher Remembered Embroidery Sewing
Mark Butcher Remembered Embroidery

This was a very good use of space, and I was happy to include it in this project.

Quilt Stats:

Quilt Size: 54 x 70
E2E Quilting Pattern: GINGER HEART
Thread: Wheat Glide
Batting: Warm and Natural 80/20
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