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Looking back at 2018 – Quilts and Friends

I love to make one last post each year to look back and see all that I have accomplished. Looking back at 2018, I can see many fun quilts, and some neat garments. Yes, there were/are challenges, but those are for another post! For now, I want to share with you some of the amazing quilts I have worked on over the year.

2018 started out with a Wedding (Quilt)!

My year started out with a fun gifted quilt for a special wedding.

My next project for 2018 was STRIP TEASE – I love this quilt!

Strip Tease – 2018

Some of my other favorites looking back at 2018

While this is just a few of the projects I worked on this year (feel free to browse my blog for lots of others), I must say that there is quite the variety. I like that. Was this year all fun and quilts? Nope, we also lost some very precious family members and while I hate to make this about sad times… I believe remembering them can help relive the happy times.

Here’s to hoping your 2018 was as memorable and your 2019 is full of fun and adventure!

So, what do you think?

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