Looking back at 2015

While I am sure that many of us who create AND blog will be doing a post such as this – I am equally sure that these types of posts are so important.  Not only does this compile a years’ worth of memories, just writing a recap of the year helps me to put all I have done into focus.

With this being said, I find that by breaking down 2015 I am able to plan better for the coming year.

So, let’s dive into all this with lots of pictures! (a full gallery is at our main site GALLERY)


Hunter’s Star 2015

Yellow and Grey Brick Road

Yellow and Grey Brick Road 2015


Untitled Customer Quilt 2015


Blarney 2015

Cowboy Squares 2015

Cowboy Squares 2015


Out a Western Window 2015

Above are a few personal and customer quilts that stand out this year.  This is only a handful of the quilts completed in 2015.

I also had the unique opportunity of assisting a customer with the restoration of their family’s heirloom quilts.  I was so honored to be a part of this process.

Quilt Restoration Project Part 1

Quilt Restoration Project Part 2

Gotch Enterprises

Finished Sunbonnet Sue Quilt

Gotch Enterprises

Completed Green Boat Quilt

Another rewarding project was to donate a raffle quilt to our local Veteran’s group.

2015 Veteran’s Quilt Raffle

Jack Albrycht is the winner of the Veteran's Celebration Raffle

Jack Albrycht is the winner of the Veteran’s Celebration Raffle

Not all my quilting was for others this year.  While I had gone to lots of shops the year before collecting patterns for the Row By Row Experience, this was the first year that I actually completed a quilt and presented it to a local shop.  I had so much fun!

Row by Row H2O 2015

Row by Row H2O 2015

The prizes I won (all fabric of course) spawned two more quilts.

Rainbow Time – Double Hourglass Quilt (this quilt was a gift to my daughter this Christmas)


Rainbow Time 2015

Hippie Rainbow Flowers Quilt (this quilt was so much fun to design and make)

Hippie Rainbow Flowers 2015

Hippie Rainbow Flowers 2015


These projects are but highlights of a whirlwind year!  While my priority is always client projects, I also found time to do some custom sewing and crafting for family as well:

Cardboard Box Snowmen

MAN-equin (Renaissance Faire Ware and armor stand made by my husband)

The images below did not make it into an actual blog post, but were so much fun to create!

20's Murder Mystery Flapper Dress, Headband and Bag

20’s Murder Mystery Flapper Dress, Headband and Bag – 2015

Pirate Coat - 2015

Pirate Coat – 2015

Brown Velvet Surcoat

Brown Velvet Surcoat – 2015

Lastly, I do want to thank all my friends – locally and across the country – for all their input on different projects.  The Facebook group Gotta Love Quilting! is a fabulous bunch of wonderful folk that provide advice, encouragement and sometimes lots of laughs! Also, because this is a closed group, I am able to share images of projects with their creators without the posts showing up on their feed.  When quilts are meant as gifts, this can be a perfect way to share without over-sharing.

I just can’t wait to see what 2016 holds!! – How was your 2015?