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Little Birdies

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If you ever wonder where all these quilts get their names, let me explain. When I receive a quilt from a customer, it is standard practice to ask the name of the quilt. This allows me to differentiate it from others I have done in my system. So, why is this one called Little Birdies?
Not every quilt comes with a name, so I then make one up! In this case, the first thing I saw was the cute “little birdies” fabric in some of the blocks. The name stuck!
Little Birdies

This quilt measured 66×80 and was based on the Disappearing 9 Patch pattern. It is random but relaxing all at the same time

Thread and E2E Choice

This quilt has a variety of light, mediums and darks. The backing fabric was a mottled blue so we chose Titanium Glide thread.

Little Birdies Close
The E2E pattern that the customer chose for this is one of my favorites by Urban Elementz.  Adiago is a feathered nested pattern that looks good on almost any quilt.

From the back, this edge to edge pattern is always pretty. You can see why it is such a favorite.

Little Birdies Back

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