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Lattice Fence

Over the years, I have done quite a few Rail Fence quilts. When I received this one to quilt as a gift for a young lady, I did not see rail. Instead, I saw Lattice Fence.
I love the on-point blocks with so many vibrant colors. And black finishing triangles make an impact.
Lattice Fence

This quilt measured 75×61 and came with a light blue backing fabric. So much of this lattice fence quilt had almost a modern quilt vibe.

Thread and E2E Choice

So many colors! When you have so many colors on top, sometimes you look to the backing to instruct on thread choice. For this project we decided on Titanium Glide.
Lattice Fence Close

The E2E pattern that the customer chose is “All Over” by Urban Elementz. This pattern provided some curves to calm all the hard edges of the top. It also showed up nicely on the back.

Edge to Edge Patterns
As you can see from the back, the white thread shows off dancing stars across the red backing. I was happy to see the stars working their way to the back of this quilt.
Lattice Fence Back
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