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Large Vintage Flowers

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This is the second to last post showcasing the 5 quilts that a client brought to me to preserve. Unfortunately,this top was a no go in the quilting department. It included a lot more than regular quilting cotton fabrics. In addition, the piecing was done by hand and was not very tight. Large vintage flowers was certainly a challenge – decisions were made.

Unique Challenges

Large Vintage Flower

Here you can see just how scrappy and wonderful this quilt top is. The problem with it is that the pieced scrappy circles are so loose, that if you placed a beach ball inside one and laid it on the long arm, it would resemble a well-endowed woman in a scrappy bikini!

There was absolutely NO WAY to get this to lay flat without folding pieced elements on to one another.

Searching for Solutions

With sadness, I told the customer that I could not quilt this as is without creating so many puckers and folds that the end product would not honor the creator. I did have an idea; however. Why not take each of the 9 sections and create individual throw pillows? In this way, the quilt could retain the stitches and content of the original piecer, but in a way that can be enjoyed. Sure, the pillows would be poofy – but isn’t that what pillows are supposed to be?

Hopefully, large vintage flowers will begin as one top and end as a garden of throw pillows.

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