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Knowledge Management System – Initial Survey Complete

My final semester is underway and with that, the beginning of my final Thesis Field Project.  Because this project is research-based, I will not be able to share specific information regarding subjects; however, I can chronicle the progress and overall information as I move along.

First step: Pre-Survey

Yesterday, I sent out over 1,000 emails to graduate students asking for participation in my initial survey. Of that number, so far over 15% have taken the survey.  The letter format is as follows:


My name is Robin Gotch and I am a UW Stout Graduate Student in the Master of Science in Technical and Professional Communication Program.  More than that, I am a member of a very elite team – a team you belong to as well. As Graduate students, we share a common goal to achieve excellence in our chosen fields. Because of this, we are all in a unique position to assist one another while at the same time providing opportunities for ourselves.

I am providing just such an opportunity.

As a Graduate student working on a December Graduation date, I am working on my final field project. In order to accomplish my goals, I am asking my Graduate Team Members to take a few moments to complete the following survey.

Your participation would involve completing a 5-minute online survey about your study habits and course load, and then – optionally, trying out a study tool and giving some feedback on it.


At the end of the survey, is a final question which relates to becoming an active member in my larger project. If you are interested in providing additional feedback on a study tool I have devised, as well as receiving a free copy of that tool, please respond accordingly.

Because I am a student myself, I know quite well how precious time is. By helping out a fellow student, you pave the way for a team concept that can be enjoyed by yourself and other students in the future.

As an additional Thank-You for your time, I will be choosing 3 participants at random to receive a $10.00 ITunes gift card.

Go Team STOUT!!!

As I go through the responses, I will be able to ascertain how many participants are interested in progressing to the next stage. Of course, I will also be awarding the iTunes gift cards to the lucky random winners around the first of October as well.

I want to especially express gratitude to the participants who emailed questions, comments and suggestions for future surveys. Many thanks go out to the Elite Forces of UW Stout Graduate community!

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