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Kim’s Star

Quilts make the most amazing gifts. Kim’s Star is a special quilt gifted to a very special girl. Gifting quilts is a joy.

Kim's Star

I adore the fabrics and colors that the client chose to make this quilt from.

E2E Quilting

Of course, a quilt about stars should be quilted with stars! Debbie chose the E2E Ginger Star from Urban Elementz to complete this pretty top.

From the first stitch, it was evident that this was a perfect fit. Just see for yourself!

Kims Star Close 3
Kims Star Close 1
Kims Star Close 2

Quilt Back

Don’t you just love a pieced back? So many of the beautiful fabrics from the top made it to the back as well. This creates a double-sided effect that goes from a contemporary to a vintage look.
Kims Star Back

Don’t wait to leave this world to gift your quilts to those you love – do it today

Quilt Stats:

Quilt Name: Kim’s Star
Quilt Size: 92 x 92
Quilting Pattern: Ginger Star
Thread: Silver Gide
Batting: Wool
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