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Khloee’s Quilt

Vibrant yellows, pinks, and teals make Khloee’s quilt a real beauty. To top it off, her embroidered name just pops!

Khloee's quilt front

E2E Quilting

Of course, this quilt is for a little girl so the quilting needed to be dainty. In fact, the quilter chose Dainty Lady Floral from our E2E Designs.

Dainty Lady Floral

Of the many E2E quilting motif’s I have, this one combines a feminine touch with good coverage.

Khloee's quilt Close 2
Khloee's quilt Close 1

After auditioning different colors and hues, we settled on Cotton Candy Glide. This thread looks perfect on such a colorful background. It shows off the quilting without taking away from the quilt.

Quilt Back

Pretty yellow fabric with polka dots speckled throughout is the theme of the backing. Add in pretty flowers dancing around everywhere and this quilt finished nicely.

Khloee's quilt back

I am sure this quilt will make a little girl very happy.

Final Quilt Stats

Quilt Name: Khloee’s Quilt
Size: 47 x 61
Quilting Pattern: Dainty Lady Floral
Thread: Cotton Candy Glide
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