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KatyQuilts -California Fire Quilter Assistance

Posted on December 8, 2018by katyquilts

As I read Katy Sweigart’s blog post today (KatyQuilts) about the unfortunate quilters who lost everything in the California fires, I thought about what a thoughtful message this is.  While it is important to support the basic necessities, there is a humanity element to also providing for the other needs that help to make us whole.  Non-quilters may not appreciate the impact of this type of gift-but we do. Please read and contribute if you can!

Robyn Gotch

What Would You Do…

…..if you woke up one morning and all of your stash was gone…

…..all the yardage….

…..all the precuts……

….all the bundles….

That is exactly what has happened to hundreds of quilters as a result of the California fires. They lost much more than fabric, they lost homes, family members, and friends. But fabric and quilting supplies are ways we can help.

There is a quilt shop out there that is accepting donations. They are setting up a “store” with these donations where quilters who have lost everything can shop for free.

If you would like to thin out your stash, you can send any fabric, tools, books etc. to this address:

Please mark the box, Attention: Rhonda.

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