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Justin T-Shirt Quilt

Here is another T-Shirt quilt made for the 2nd grandson of a client. Like Brandon’s quilt, Justin T-Shirt Quilt features sports shirts. There were also a few challenges along the way for this one.
Justin 2023

This quilt consisted of 12 T-shirts and some pretty blue backing/sashing fabric. this was provided by the client.

Quilt Design

The design of this quilt is very simple. I tend to allow the T-shirts to steal the show.
All blocks were cut 12.5 x 12.5 inches. Below is the layout the client provided:
Justin Customer Layout
Please take note to the first shirt on the 2nd row. This is actually a jersey that was too wide to fit in the 12.5 inch width.
It took some special attention and patience to cut out the middle and all the buttons. I then overlapped this to make it fit. I also use old irons to hold each shirt in place for trimming.  There were many elements to this, there was a set of buttons and thick placket to deal with, but at the end, it worked well.
Justin Jersey
Justin Jersey 2
Justin Using Irons
I meant to mention that these grandson’s had been collecting shirts for a while. The last real challenge is a very old t shirt that did not fit the 12.5 x 12.5 template.
There is a fix for this! Instead of cutting the shirt up the sides, you need to cut it up the back. This leaves a large area to work with. Yes, you may need to encorporate the under arm section a little, but it is a small price to pay to use the shirt.
Below are images of the process:
Brandon too small 1
Brandon too small 2
Brandon too small 3
Brandon too small 4

E2E Quilting

For this quilt, we used White Glide thread and a baseball-themed E2E Pattern.

Edge to Edge Patterns

Because the blocks are so large, it is very important to have good coverage with the quilting. This pattern fits the bill.

Justin Close 2
Justin Close 1

The Special block with the Jersey is in the image above, it turned out well.

Quilt Back and Label

A light blue was used for the backing and really shows a good texture. Up close you can see all the baseballs.

Justin Back
Justin Back 2

I love it when a label has a message. The client wanted to use a baseball bat on the label, but none of the designs in my library really worked. Instead, I found a piece of open-source clip art and created a simple bat to add to this label. In this case, I also like the contrasting fabric.

Justin label

There is lot that goes into working with different fabrics like this. If you take your time, it can turn out beautifully.

Quilt Stats:

Quilt Name: Justin T-Shirt Quilt
Quilt Size: 44 x 58
E2E Quilting Pattern: Baseball Meander
Thread: White Glide
Batting: Warm and Natural 80/20
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