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It’s Time to Bring On 2020

It’s a new year! It’s time to bring on 2020! And what will you be doing?

It seems the norm for quilters and other creative types to look back on all they have accomplished over the year. That’s all fine and good, but I am actually more about looking ahead.

Over the past year, I have accomplished a lot, but now is the time to take stock of all the things I have yet to do! I am starting a new list which will incorporate all the elements left behind in 2019 and also add a few more.

  • More Quilts of Valor – I helped out a few guilds this year but would like to up the total to a few more per month
  • Projects spawned from online groups – sometimes I think it is easy to forget the amazing resources (and people) available on line.
  • Try some new techniques: modern, thread painting, needle-turn applique..
  • Round Robin – our quilt guild is going to do this, and I have never tried it
  • Mini Quilts
  • Whole Cloth – this sounds so exciting!
  • Buy some fabric – YOU HEARD ME.. I have been challenging myself so much to use what I have that there are some major vacancies in stash categories. This could be fun 🙂
  • Make quilted/sewn gifts for the 2020 Christmas season – in advance!
  • Design a custom elven-inspired gown for Queen Selesti – I have some ideas, but want to be sure before I start and fabrics are going to be key.

I, unfortunately?, do not have UFO’s to worry about – I am really dead set against not finishing projects. I just can’t start something new without finishing the last one. I know, I’m weird! Instead, I like to pre-plan projects using Electric Quilt 8 or pen and paper. This way, when I finish up on a project, I can choose from others that have inspired me.

Don’t forget also to check the free Log Cabin pattern here: FREE KING CABIN CRANES PATTERN

I suppose I could look back… a little

Looking Back at 2019

Below are some of my favorite projects from 2019:

Enough of looking back – It’s time to bring on 2020!

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