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I Spy Hunter

I love fun quilts that serve a dual purpose! I Spy Hunter is a Christmas gift for my grandson. Not only will it keep him warm, but it will also provide hours of fun as an I Spy game.

I spy Hunter Front

Quilt Creation

In my travels to different quilt shops, I kept finding unique fabrics with amazing images. After a time, I decided to collect them to make an I Spy Quilt.

I Spy Hunter Fabrics
Because Hunter is quite young, I didn’t want to make the blocks too small. Instead, I opted for a brick and mortar style layout. Gameplay can be simple, as in colors, or more detailed as he gains prowess.
I used Electric Quilt 8 to design this project. For the original layout, I only used different colored fabrics to get a feel for the look.
The block design is also my own, and not very complicated.
I spy hunter eq8
I Spy Hunter EQ8 Block

E2E Quilting

As I didn’t want to distract from all the images, I chose a very open quilting pattern.


If you visit the E2E page on our website, you can see that this pattern resides in the new section. Whenever we add a new design, you can find it here.

I Spy Hunter up Close

More than any other quilt, the fabrics are the real star here. I found myself mesmerized with all the things to find! As I mentioned above, there are reasons for the loose quilting. One is to view the fabrics with as little obstruction as possible. Second is to keep the quilt soft and warm.

Quilt Back

The back of this quilt is nothing special, but that’s OK. The back does not need to stand out.

I Spy Hunter Back

The next I Spy quilt I create will have smaller sections. In a couple of years, my grand daughter Hailey will receive her own first I Spy. At that time, Hunter may receive a more sophisticated design as well. Who knows? Can you have too many quilts?

Final Quilt Stats

Quilt Name: I Spy Hunter
Size: 56.5 x 50
E2E Pattern: Casablanca
Thread: Titanium Glide

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