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I bet yours is bigger than mine!

I bet yours is bigger than mine – Your quilt stash, I mean.  Have you ever took a look at your stash and said….

“I really wish I could make something with this?”

Actually, this happens to me all the time.  This is mostly because I am not the average Hoard… er Quilter.  My quilt stash is TINY compared to many of the folks I know.

My Stash:

Other People’s Stash:

Yep, that’s about it and I didn’t even get it all folded pretty either.  I have some additional bolts, but less than 6 of them to add to this.  The other fabric I have is for garment sewing. So you can see, I am not like many folks that have rooms full of fabric – and totes hidden in closets and under beds too!

Because of this, I tend to create my projects in one of two ways:

  1. design a quilt and purchase a little more of each fabric than I need – the rest goes into stash
  2. quilt with what is on hand and that can get tricky indeed!

Don’t get me wrong, I DO still by fabric from time to time, but I refrain from buying just to buy. Mostly, I buy fabric in two ways:

  1. There is a project in mind, but I need one or two more elements not already in my stash
  2. There is a really great sale, so time to add in some new fabrics for future use

Also – and don’t hate me – I have no UFO’s.

Yep I said it, and I feel a bit ashamed, like I am missing out on membership to a club of super creative individuals that cannot hold back their ambitions.  Maybe my small stash size is because I have no UFO’s? Can someone help me to achieve UFO greatness?  Or am I OK the way I am?

What does your stash look like?

I would love to see the types of reserve fabric stores others have!

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