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Hypnotic Grunge 2
As you know, I tend to name quilts separate from what their owners may call them. Many quilt creators don’t name their quilts at all. I name everything – my lawnmower is named Scooter! Hypnotic Grunge are two quilts made from a combination of the fabrics used and the E2E pattern selected.
Hypnotic Grunge 1
Hypnotic Grunge 2
This post is actually about 2 separate quilts made with the same fabrics. I was mesmerized as I quilted this pattern.
My only complaint was a design element in some of the patterns. It looked like a stray thread was laying on the quilt! At first, I spent time trying to remove it from the quilt top. This was impossible!
Stray Thread

This drove me nuts for a time until I could ignore it.. mostly.

E2E Quilting love the combination of Hypnotic E2E pattern and the Silver thread. This creates a texture that compliments both versions of this quilt.

Hypnotic is a 2021 Urban Elementz design by Lisa H. Calle . This pattern is similar in style to Double Dutch, but does not cross over itself.

Hypnotic Grunge Close
Hypnotic Grunge Close 2
Both of these quilts have their own special charm. The unifying factor is half square triangles. Each version provides for it’s own look.
Quilt Name: Hypnotic Grunge 1
Size: 76 x 97
E2E Quilt Pattern: Hypnotic
Thread: Silver Glide
Quilt Name: Hypnotic Grunge 2
Size: 114 x 72
E2E Quilt Pattern: Hypnotic
Thread: Silver Glide
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