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Houston International Quilt Festival – 2016

Houston Quilt Festival – 2016

As I mentioned a few days ago, this year was my very first visit to the Houston Quilt Festival.  It took 3 years living in Texas for me to find the time to go and I will tell you one thing – I will be going every year hereafter!

What an amazing day we had, and a tiring one at that.

So many vendors!

First things First!

Although we were tempted to dive right into the row upon row of quilts being displayed, hubby and I tore ourselves away to visit the vendors first. The Houston International  I had some specific purchases in mind, and wanted to get all that out of the way before we ventured into the forest of quilts.

The lanes between vendors were literally packed with people, but a few really did stand out. These lovely ladies were happy to pose for a picture.  I told them how much I loved their shirts and their reply was that a friend had them made custom.  Here went my hopes of finding one for me at the Houston International Quilt Festival!

Stitchin’ Heaven had such a fun booth, complete with longhorn!  At first I got to take a picture of them haming it up, but ultimately, they got Terry and I by the steer for a picture.

So, with list in hand, we went booth to booth and I must admit that I didn’t always stick to my list – there are just some things you can’t pass by!  In fact, I bought some finger-less gloves for both my daughter and myself.  Mine were blue, of course.

Soon enough, I found the Superior Threads booth and was able to check off a large portion of my list.  While I usually do order online, I am in the middle of a couple customer quilts that really benefited from seeing the colors in person.  After stocking up on thread and needles, Terry took a quick picture and I was off to check more off my list. (little did I know that some poor woman would be bending over just at the wrong moment!)

Time to see the quilts

A couple hours later, and I will not mention how much $$ and I was done shopping and ready to visit the quilts at the 2016 Houston Quilt Festival. Next year we plan on doing this in a couple days and not just a one-day trip.

We started at one end of the hall (the one closest to the vendors) and worked our way across to the other end. Here we were met by one amazing quilt after another.  All we had to do was turn a corner and a new adventure presented itself.

So many of the quilts we saw have been celebrated by others who also visited the show, but for me, I found there to be a couple categories that stuck out.  The first category is:

Quilts that Made me Smile!

The quilts above did just that – each one of these made me smile.

Quilts that fed my inner geek

Not all the quilts I fell in love with would fit within a pre-determined category.  This next one can only be appreciated in 3 individual images:

What a masterpiece which consists of three masterpieces!

Some quilts were so popular that it took patience to get a good picture.  This Alligator (or is it a crocodile?) was one such quilt.

As you may know, there are at least 1,700 quilts on display. It is very tough to pick images of my favorites.  All I can say is that it is worth your while to visit Houston for the International Quilt Festival and see which of these amazing quilts are your very own favorites!

So, home we went and I got started on some projects. I can’t wait for next year to roll around again!  Did you go to the show?  If you did, what were your favorite quilts?

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