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Heart BOM

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I love Blocks of the Month. These quilts are so special because they contain the love of many quilters. I won the blocks for Heart BOM (Block of the Month) in January 2023 from the Johnson County Quilt Guild.

Heart Bom 2023
Heart Bom Winner

I really wanted to complete this in time for Valentine’s day but had so much going on. Instead, it was on my list for the UFO Challenge and popped up for April.

Quilt Design

I had the blocks but now needed a design. My first instinct was to add sashing and cornerstones to add interest. The more I messed with the design, the more I loved it. The cornerstones are small, paper-pieced hearts.

Heart BOM Design

Another reason for this design is that it provide lots of opportunity for custom quilting.

Custom Quilting

This was such a fun top to quilt! I used both white and Rhododendron Glide threads. Also, there are lots of hand-guided and computer design elements.

Heart Bom Close 2
Heart Bom Close 1
The little flower in the cornerstones is one of my favorites. Also, I am very proud of finding a non-stop, no backtrack path for the continuous curves on the hearts!
It is truly the little things that make us quilters happy.

Quilt Back and Label

I continued with the spirit of this quilt and chose pink binding and batting. There is lots of texture from the custom quilting that shows on the back.

Heart Bom Back

As with the Chilhowie quilt, I also chose to use the same fabric as the backing for the label.

Heart BOM 2023 label

I love group participation quilts and will be adding this one to the lineup of my presentations.

Quilt Stats:

Quilt Name: Heart BOM 2023
Quilt Size: 64 x 64
Quilting Pattern: Custom
Thread: White and Rhododendron Glide
Batting: Warm and Natural 80/20
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