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More Rag Quilts

It’s OK to Try New Things

I think it is important to try new things and stretch your wings.  Recently, I made a baby rag quilt for a customer and fell in love with the process.  Check out that post HERE.

Shabby Chic Rag Quilt

There is something uniquely satisfying to the process of clipping the raw edges and then seeing how they come out, wash after wash.

A Dent in the Stash

When I started the baby chic quilt, I realized that I had a large quantity of flannel in my stash that I had bought on sale but never used.  Unfortunately, I had nothing that would be considered shabby chic or monotone.

This was not a bad thing; however.  Instead, I am using this as an opportunity to create some fun rag quilts.  This one is the first of many to come.

Green Rag Quilt

This cute rag quilt came about just from digging through my stash of flannel.  You know that stash, right?  It comes from those amazing flannel sales at your local craft retailer.  Over the years, I have bought quite a bit, but never was inspired to make a quilt until I came across the rag version.

I really fell in love with the shades of green, pops of yellow and brown and the overall composition.  Such a simple process and simple fabric choices create a fun, and warm quilt.

I have quite a few tops to finish up on the long arm, but when I get caught up, I can see another rag quilt in my future.

Do you like rag quilts?


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