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Grandmother’s Travels

  • Vintage

A total of 50 hand-embroidered blocks are the focus of Grandmother’s Travels. Such a wonderful challenge and a beautiful final product.

Grandmother's Travels

This is the 2nd project brought in by a lovely couple. The 50-year-old blocks have amazing detail but were not without a challenge.

Grandmother's Travels blocks

This is the same couple that brought me Grandmother’s Butterflies. This lay out was a little more complicated and our final layout worked well.

Grandmother's Travels Layout EQ8

For this quilt, deep blue fabric was the choice to complete the look.

Quilt Block Prep

If you read about Grandmother’s Butterflies, you know that the blocks were not flat. The Travel blocks were even more of a challenge.

Grandmother's Travels Block Prep before and after
I used best press, heat, my t-shirt press, stabilizer, and lots of love to wrangle these beauties. After all this, they assembled and were ready for the long arm.
Another tool in my arsenal is the old heavy iron um IRON! These are a perfect choice to hold down the block for accurate trimming.
Grandmother's Travels block trimming with irons

I find that by using many of these tools, you can accomplish so much. The next step is to assemble it all and then to the long arm!

E2E Quilting

With all the lovely flowers embroidered into these blocks, pansies E2E seemed a wonderful fit.

Edge to Edge Patterns

There is a very deliberate look to these flowers as they move across the top of this quilt. The decision was to use Linen Glide. This allows the blocks to remain unhindered while showing off the flowers where the blue fabric resides.

Grandmother's Travels Close

Quilt Back and Label

The back of this quilt is a busy blue fabric that hides most of the quilting. I like the pretty blue label on the back with the flower.

Grandmother's Travels Back
Grandmother's Travels Label

There is also another amazing quilt from the same customer that includes Butterflies! But this is for another post.

Quilt Stats:

Quilt Name: Grandmother’s Travels
Quilt Size: 61 x 89
Quilting Pattern: Pansies
Thread: Linen Glide
Batting: Warm & Natural 80/20
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