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Grandmother’s Stars

I seems that client quilts run in streaks. For a time, I was doing nothing but T-shirt quilts. Grandmother’s Stars started a trend of quilting vintage pieces.

Grandmother's Stars Quilt

Unlike many of the quilts I complete, this one has a rich history. See the excerpt from the owner here:

Here is a little more information on the quilt you just completed. I believe it was pieced by my grandmother, Opal Mary Robertson Dunn 12-11-1899 to 3-27-1993. She was born in Missouri but lived most of her life in Greenwood, Arkansas. I think the fabric was from the 1940's and set together with feed sacks. I will include a couple pictures. One of my grandmother as a young woman and one taken at her home. In later years my mom, Betty Jean Dunn Smith 2-25-1930 to 3-30-2019 would do repairs for her mom on the old treadle machine whenever we went to visit.

Grandmother of Grandmother's Stars
Grandmother and Daughter Grandmother's Stars

To top it off, after receiving her quilt, the owner says this:

As you can tell, I am so happy to have this quilt completed. Thank you so much for the beautiful job. This is where you will find me this winter. Covered with the quilt, stitching, and enjoying a cup of coffee!

And here she is:

Grandmother's Stars

E2E Quilting

Dear Heart was a great choice for E2E quilting. The pattern helps to secure the applique but doesn’t take away.

Grandmother's Stars close
Grandmother's Stars Close 2

Quilt Stats:

Quilt Name: Grandmother’s Stars
Size: 54 x 73
E2E Quilting Pattern: Dear Heart
Thread: Linen Glide
Batting: Warm and Natural 80/20
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