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Grandma’s Vintage Quilts

Kathy's Irish Chain

Once again, I have been honored to complete vintage quilt tops for a client. Grandma’s Vintage Quilts comprise of (3) tops. These tops are true to the vintage tradition and are created from a variety of different fabrics including seersucker and other types rescued from clothing.

Grandma’s name is Estelle an she was born before the turn of the century. Having lived until the early 1980’s these tops have been waiting for some time to be completed and enjoyed by the family.

The first is a cute 9 patch with sashing in lavender.

Purple Vintage 9-Patch Grandmas Vintage Quilts
Purple Vintage 9-Patch

The next of Grandma’s Vintage Quilts is a Blue 9-Patch on point.

Vintage on point blue 9-patch - Grandmas Vintage Quilts
On Point Blue 9-Patch

The last of the 3 quilts is this lovely. I was enchanted by the random use of off-white fabrics. I wish I could ask Estelle why she chose to create these asymmetrical secondary patterns, but alas, she has passed so this is her secret to keep.

Vintage random Irish chain - Grandmas Vintage Quilts
Random Irish Chain

Edge to Edge Quilting

The last thing we wanted to do was detract from the beautiful hand-pieced tops. Estelle’s handiwork needed to take center stage. To this end, we chose neutral thread colors and the Seamless pattern.

Edge to Edge Patterns

As time has gone by, I have been honored to complete many vintage tops for customers. Sometimes I think I get more satisfaction out of seeing their joy when they know they can preserve a bit of their heritage through my efforts. This also serves as a reminder that all the effort I am putting into quilts and projects I complete, may one day be appreciated in similar fashion.

Do you create quilts in the hopes that one day they will turn into heirlooms also?

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