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As I read Katy Sweigart’s blog post today (KatyQuilts) about the unfortunate quilters who lost everything in the California fires, I thought about what a thoughtful message this is.  While it is important to support the basic necessities, there is a humanity element to also providing for the other needs that help to make us whole.  Non-quilters may not appreciate the impact of this type of gift-but we do. Please read and contribute if you can!

Robyn Gotch

What Would You Do…

…..if you woke up one morning and all of your stash was gone…

…..all the yardage….

…..all the precuts……

….all the bundles….

That is exactly what has happened to hundreds of quilters as a result of the California fires. They lost much more than fabric, they lost homes, family members, and friends. But fabric and quilting supplies are ways we can help.

There is a quilt shop out there that is accepting donations. They are setting up a “store” with these donations where quilters who have lost everything can shop for free.

If you would like to thin out your stash, you can send any fabric, tools, books etc. to this address:

Please mark the box, Attention: Rhonda.

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Have a wonderful day!

Christmas Gift Place Mats

I am one of those types of persons that hates to just “buy” something.  When it comes to Christmas gifts, I really want to find something that has a purpose.  I would rather someone give me a poem they wrote than spend a lot of money on something I may or may not like.

When it comes to Christmas gifts, I usually try to make something home-made and original when I can.

This is my first Christmas with a new company and when asked to provide an exchange gift, I was elated.  Making exchange gifts by hand sure beats stuffing a gift card in an envelope.  What Did I make?

I made a set of (6) custom-quilted holiday place mats.  They were a little busy, but also provided a lot of visual impact.  Holidays are about bright colors and fun patterns anyway.

I had a lot of fun fussy-cutting the puppies out to use in the side diamonds.  While this side was full of ornaments, trees and snowmen, the back was one solid fabric.  This allowed the beautiful gold quilted designs to show through.  Doing it this way created a reversible mat design and a fun to give Christmas gift.

What type of Christmas gifts did you make this year?


Fall Place Mats 2018

I just love these new Fall Place Mats.

It seems that fall is the time when thoughts of holiday-inspired projects seem to predominate.  I have been pretty fortunate this year and have completed many projects well before the season they are inspired by.  The first new place mats were of the Halloween variety.  you can check them out HERE.

Fall Place mats 2018

Recently, I started to updated my kitchen with new placemat designs.  I just finished these fun, paper pieced placemats and have some Halloween themed ones under way.


For these fall-inspired mats, I chose to do a paper-pieced fall leaf.  After this was accomplished, it was just a matter of adding fabrics to make them the correct size.

Paper Pieced Pattern

I adore the final border fabric, the rich, deep colors and gold are gorgeous!

After putting them together, I sewed them all into one piece and took them to the long-arm.  While I could have done an overall E2E through the whole mess, instead I decided to do some sampling of different designs.  I actually like them all: Leaves, Swirls, Cross Hatch and Turkey!

Beautiful fall-inspired fabrics

The Final Product

The final product turned out so cute and with the quilting, they are reversible.  

Next Up… Christmas!

Halloween Project 2018

I think Halloween is one of my favorite holidays!  I love to dress up (of course I do) and have fun.  This year, I got to show off my recent Halloween Project – new place mats.

This year, for our Johnson County Quilt Guild meeting in October, I dressed up as Dr. Gotch DZM – (Doctor of Zombie Medicine).

Dr. Gotch 

New Place mats

I also spent some time this month making new placemats for our own kitchen table.  Yes, the zombie design sits at my place.

Halloween Place mats
Halloween Placemats

Check out this post on blocks of the month to see a great Halloween quilt.

What holiday projects are you working on?

Block of the Month – Times Two

A wonderful quilter friend of mine provided two different, but similar quilts for me to work on recently.  Margret chose to do a Block of the month (BOM) from a local quilt shop – Country Stitches, in two different ways.  This is a BOM times two!

Quilt one – Christmas Fabrics

The first quilt to discuss is the original, a lovely Christmas themed beauty.  The fabrics are just gorgeous.  Margret wanted to do something fun and with movement for the E2E quilting.  She chose the Frost pattern from Urban Elemetz.

Edge to Edge Patterns

Quilt Two – Retro

The second block of the month quilt was done with vintage-inspired fabrics and takes on a more sedate and elegant look.  We discussed how to quilt this one and ultimately decided to do a moderate custom design.  Margret just said “make it pretty”.  

I started out with a nice but not too dense block design as all the blocks were the same.

BOM 2018 Country Stitches Retro

Next I looked at the sashing and corner stones.  I do admit, that one of my favorite elements on this quilt are the cute flowers in the corner stones!

BOM 2018 Country Stitches Retro
BOM 2018 Country Stitches Retro

The last element to plan out were the borders.  In the past, I have done piano key/type treatments to other quilts, but I felt that softening the hard lines instead would work better.  So, instead I did a clam shell design that was just perfect.

BOM 2018 Country Stitches Retro

I am a real sucker for reproduction fabrics, so to work on this second version was so much fun for me.

Have you ever done a BOM in more than one way?

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