Sweet Treats

There are many reasons to create a quilt. You could recognize a special event like a wedding or birth, a holiday could inspire you or sometimes it just seems like the right thing to do. Sweet Treats was created to thank someone who gives to others without asking for anything in return.

This quilt was created to thank a sweet couple that always brings goodies in to work for others to enjoy.

The right Sweet Treat fabrics

As with any project, the right fabrics are a must! The goal was to find fabrics that showcased the sweet treats that we enjoyed every day.

Cupcakes and Cookies were the perfect choice of theme fabrics

At the Dallas Quilt Show – 2019, I found both cupcake and cookie fabrics that were perfect for this project. These, coupled with a basic light brown and swirly leafed darker brown completed the fabrics for this quilt.

The Layout

Creating a quilt with focus fabrics calls for a design that has large enough blocks to show them off. The last thing I wanted was to cut up the cookies and cupcakes too small so that they became indistinguishable. I chose the Disappearing 9 Patch pattern, and loved the results.

Sweet Treats layout
Disappearing 9-Patch Layout

E2E Quilting Pattern

Finally, it was important to use a quilting pattern that complimented both the fabrics and theme. Urban Elementz had the perfect pattern so I chose Cupcake Party!

Cupcake Party

If you want to see many of the other fun E2E designs we have to offer, click HERE!

Sweet Treats

I love how the chocolaty brown thread looks on the negative areas.

Showing off Sweet Treats at our guild meeting

This quilt was so much fun that I hated to give it up. Luckily, I have enough fabric left over to use for our Guild Mystery Quilt. Don’t forget to look up other fun quilts in our QUILT GALLERY

Baseball Baby

It may not feel like spring everywhere around the country, but recently I felt quite ready for a game of Baseball Baby! I love quilts with themes and messages, so of course this one hit a home run!

This quilt hits a Home Run!

The printed blocks were purchased at a recent Shop Hop in Waco Texas. Between the blocks and fabric choices, Baseball Baby was the total package. Some little boy (or girl…) could really love this quilt. If you look closely at the red striped fabric, you will see that the stripes even look like stitches. Not only does this quilt relate to baseball, the red/white/blue colors and stars and stripes create that All-American look.

E2E Pattern and Thread

How do you quilt a baseball quilt? With a baseball E2E pattern and a tan thread that emulates the stitching on the ball itself, silly!

Edge to Edge Patterns
Baseball Meander
I love how the pattern played over the blocks!

Even the smallest quilts can have an enormous impact on your family. This little gem is sure to be a keepsake for the child it is gifted, and maybe even be passed down in years to come. I am so excited for this baseball baby!

Quilt top by Margret Lewis – Quilting by Gotch Enterprises – 2019

Elly’s Challenge

While the name of this quilt is Elly’s Quilt, for me it was more like Elly’s Challenge. Why was this quilt so challenging?

Not Just Cotton

The first element of challenge was very obvious right from the start – half of the blocks were made from a beautiful flower and gold fabric but it was not cotton. This poly – stretchy – poofy fabric had to have been a challenge to piece. I do say that the creator of this little baby quilt did an amazing job.

The second challenge was the gorgeous embroidered elements that covered each polka dot block. Now there was no problem quilting over these blocks, the challenge here was more of thread color choice.

Backing Challenge

Finally, if the stretchiness of the top was not enough, the back was Minky!

Challenge accepted

The first step toward accepting this challenge was the decision to float the top. It is hard enough to control stretch when you work with Minky, but even tougher when the top has a mind of its own.

If you look at the blocks as they lay above, you can see that the polka dots lay flat while the florals poof out. This prior to any quilting.

The other consideration was thread color and pattern. The customer did not want a dense pattern that would obscure the embroidery, nor did she want the quilting to stand out all over the quilt on the darker sections. Because of this and the color of the minky (dark blue), we decided on a navy thread and the Wandering Daisies E2E.

Not only did the front turn out beautifully, the additional motif in blue on blue on the minky was an added bonus.

Elly’s Quilt

What challenges did you face this week while creating your quilts?

Penguin Tree

What a fun name, Penguin Tree. Of course the name is more than appropriate for yet another beautiful quilt designed by Margret Lewis.

Do you see a penguin?

One block wonder

The pattern of this quilt may be familiar to many of you. The one block wonder pattern can turn panels into some of the most interesting designs. The panels used for this quilt feature penguins; however, I did not realize that at first.

Thread color and quilting

It is always exciting to audition both thread color and quilting designs. Because Penguin Tree runs the gamut from dark to light, the thread decision was made more about the front than the back. (Note, I always recommend the same color thread front and back). The choice of Lilac was made so that the quilting would not obscure the fun colors and shapes of the Kaleidoscope-look blocks.

Of course, you never do know exactly what impact thread has on contrasting backgrounds. In this case, the choice was perfect. While the inside pieced portion of the quilt is not overtaken by the quilting, the borders absolutely came alive.

Before I talk about what occurred on the back of the quilt, I want to address the E2E pattern: Circle Meander

Edge to Edge Patterns
Circle Meander

I have used this pattern before. You can see how it plays with my Paper Pieced Scrappy Quilt. It was this inspiration that helped make the decision.

Backing Effect

Not everyone wants the back of their quilt to make a statement. This is why so many are very busy florals or other patterns. In this case, the back is almost as much of a show stopper as the front! The pattern plays like underwater bubbles on the backing pattern.

Of course, each photo I post does not do the quilt justice when viewed in person. I think you can see by the next and final image a bit of the beauty and fun that this quilt provides.

Penguin Tree By Margret Lewis

NOTE: A little birdie told me that Margaret will be teaching this very technique at Cabbage Rose on May 11, 2019. Here is the link: ONE BLOCK WONDER

Fly a Kite

A while ago, I previewed some quilt designs that I had planned on completing in the future. You can see the original post HERE. Fly a Kite is a really fun quilt on so many levels.

Fly a Kite 2019

I had a blast designing, creating and quilting this project. Fly a Kite was unique and also had some challenges.

A Unique Quilt

On the whole, I tried to utilize older fabrics for this quilt. Not all had their dates on the selvage, but this fabric did:

As I said, many of the fabrics were older, including the backing fabric. Not only did I have these fabrics in my stash for many years (not going to admit how many), but I also know that they were not new when I acquired them. I have a habit of purchasing and being gifted with fabric from other quilters.

Unique Challenges

It does not matter if you create a block using traditional methods or paper piecing, the struggle to make pinwheel type connection points lay flat is real. I recently purchased a flat press and found that after swirling the middles and working seams flat, the press finished the block nicely. In fact, I plan on using this press to finish all my blocks. I found that I virtually eliminate any stretching because I am not using an iron.

E2E Quilting

Because this quilt is so special, I wanted to use an E2E pattern that was just as special. I went to my friends at Urban Elementz and found KITES.

I just love how this pattern plays on both the front and the back. Also, while it is true that this is not the normal, colorful and vibrant quilt that I usually make, because these are older fabric, I still love the look.

The only thing left to do is show it off at our next Guild meeting and then give it to him the first part of March. Love you Hunter!

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