Alta Fenume

What does Alta Fenume mean?  BIG DRAGON of course!

The Alta Fenume (elvish of course) quilt was an applique challenge that I imposed upon myself.  The dragon itself is over 3 feet tall (36 inches).

The fabrics I used came from my stash except for the inner wings and body.  I didn’t quite have enough on hand of the colors I liked.  I really love using my stash when I can!

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How to Applique an Enormous Dragon – Alta Fenume.

The process for creating the dragon was pretty straight-forward.  I created the enlarged image by piecing together regular pages, but you can also take your image to a Kinko’s or other similar business and they can print it in one sheet for you.

Please excuse my attire – it was Christmas in July at our guild 🙂

After printing out the image, it was time to break it apart into the individual elements that would make up the dragon.

To make this work, I used butcher paper and traced all the different elements.  I also numbered and lettered the pieces so it would be easier to know what went where.  This is probably the largest challenge.  I made sure to mark both the original drawing and the smaller pieces.

Yes, this can be very much like a puzzle.


Constructing the quilt was fun and challenging. Alta Fenume was a big boy, so I concentrated on separate elements then put them together.

Here is a sampling of how the layers were approached.  Each element had fusible attached and was cut out and ready to go.

Tips for success

  • Take lots of pictures
    • By taking images each time you layer your pieces, you can re-assemble them on the quilt itself in the same order.
  • Print out your image in reverse if you are using iron-on fusible backing
    • You can see that the original image and final quilt are in two different orientations.  Make sure your images face the direction you want!

One of the best tools I have when quilting is my camera.  I am not only taking pictures for posterity and blogging, I also take pictures to document the stages of my project so when I am ready, I can reproduce the results.

The border was created by using the remaining fabrics.  There wasn’t a specific idea at the beginning, but ultimately I felt that a floating boarder would compliment my floating dragon.

Not quite the end

I was originally going to document this quilt in one post, but I have decided to follow-up with the quilting in an upcoming post.

How do you applique?

Creative Quilters 2018

The Ellis County Quilt Show was held this past weekend.  As in past years, there were so many beautiful quilts to see.  The theme this year was “Garden Party”.

To support the theme of the Quilt Show, Ellis County Master Gardener’s were set up.  Their beautiful booth really helped set the mood.

A Warm Welcome

The Ellis County Quilt Show is one of my husband’s favorites because they continue with the tradition of:

“Men Get In Free!”

As always, the ladies checking us in were so pleasant and welcoming.  In addition, our $8 got us more than admission to the show, we also got a gift bag!

Among the goodies in the bag were: snippet scissors, colorful zippers, Texas wildflower seeds, a quilting charm and much more!  The slip of paper clipped to the bag offered a chance to win a gift certificate also.  All we had to do was get 10 stamps from vendors and turn it in. (I am still waiting to see if I won 🙂 )

The Quilts

There were many amazing quilts to view, I won’t take up space explaining what images can do much better.


There were many great vendors selling everything from fabric to long-arm machines.  A couple of our favorites are pictured below:

Last but not least – for my Nerd Friends

Who would have thought that at a Garden Party quilt show, you would find Star Trek and Star Wars quilts?  I thought they were super fun.

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Future Projects – Fly a Kite

The next and last for a bit of my future projects may well become a quilt for our grandson.  Fly a Kite is a fun quilt that mostly falls into the “need” category as does any quilt I do specifically for someone.


I will never pass up a chance to show off our Grandson, Hunter, or to make something special for him. It’s what Granny’s do!

The Design

Most future projects that I put together are fun quilts that I am excited to start.  Fly a Kite is no exception:

This quilt is simple yet interesting.  I am excited to start Fly a Kite.  This is also a perfect concept for a little boy.  I waffled back and forth about the fabric choices and to be honest, I may change my mind again.  For now, I am happy with this concept – I also love the little black and white kite off to the side.  There always has to be a bit of non-conformity when it comes to kids.


The fabrics chosen for this project are meant to provide some visual fun for Hunter.  Boats, Pirates and different textures should make this a fun quilt for him to use when he gets a “big boy” bed.

The Paperwork

As always, the folder is stuffed full of images, fabric swatches, yardage requirements and the patterns for the paper pieced blocks.  These blocks are simple enough that the fabrics will retain their images for Hunter to enjoy.  Also, because paper piecing provides for sharp edges and points, the kites will be crisp and realistic looking.

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What was the last quilt you did for family?

Future Projects – Flying High Patriotic

The next addition to my future projects is Flying High Patriotic.  This quilt may make its way to a local veteran’s organization for raffle some day.


The inspiration for this quilt began with Pinterest.  I found the following image:

This quilt was designed using Electric Quilt 8 by Sally Hutchinson.  You can get the pattern here.  Sally Hutchinson EQ8   This quilt was designed by Sally Hutchinson for the Quilted in Honor challenge hosted by EQ and Island Batik.

While I really like this quilt a lot, I also wanted to utilize some of my patriotic fabrics as well, so I reworked the design and came up with this:

My Interpretation

As you can see, I kept two of the planes but also added half square triangles to showcase some of my patriotic fabrics.  I may make this scrappy.


These are some of the fabrics that I can use for this project.  Any of them will work well, but I will have to add in a mottled blue for the background of the planes at least.

The Paperwork

Last but not least, I have a file folder all ready for this quilt so I have all my information in one place when I want to start working on it.

I really like how Electric Quilt 8 lets me print out the needed yardage for each quilt.  If I need to purchase more fabric, I can easily grab my folder with swatches and information and take it right to the quilt shop.  There is never an issue with finding the right fabrics this way.

Check out other Future Projects: Puppy Love

How do you organize your future projects?

Future Projects – Puppy Love

Puppy Love is a quilt inspired by fabric and applique.  Every now and again, I sit down with either Electric Quilt 8 and/or a pencil and paper to map out future projects.  I find that by having some projects mapped out, I can move straight into sewing when I have the time.

In addition, I love to have some projects ready and on hand when I know a retreat is coming up.


Fabric, Pinterest, Need – These are my favorite types of inspiration, and you will see that the three projects I just mapped out fall into each of these categories.  Today, I will preview the first of these projects.  I will write about the other two in future posts.


The first project was inspired by fabric.  I bought both these fabrics a while back just knowing I wanted to use them together.  Recently, I bought some heart dyes from Accuquilt.  This was the inspiration I needed to create

Puppy Love


The fabric I spoke of is so cute!  As you can see, I used stock fabrics on the design above.  In reality, the fabrics have a better contrast so will be less muddy than the design.  I can “see” in my own mind how the fabrics will play, so I don’t fuss much about the actual fabrics when I am doing the digital design.

Compiling information for a future date

It doesn’t matter if I am going to do the project now, or at some later date, I always create a folder for swatches, patterns, images and a quilting data sheet.

In this case, I actually have two versions to pick from.

As I said, having projects mapped out for the future is a great way to be prepared for retreats.  By having everything in one place, I can easily be prepared for days of fun with fellow quilters.

NOTE:  As I am writing this post and looking at the images above, I have decided that I need to do a “random applique” in this quilt.  One of the larger hearts will actually end up being a red paw print.  This makes my heart happy.

My next post will feature another future quilt: Flying High Patriotic

How do you prepare for future projects?

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