Cleburne T-Shirt Quilt

There is nothing more fun than quilting a project with great sentimental value. A T-shirt quilt can be one of the best. The Cleburne T-Shirt Quilt as it was created for a young lady that collected many shirts from my own town – Cleburne, TX.

T-Shirt Quilts are about Experiences

As I worked to load and then quilt this project, I found myself taking extra time to read about this young lady’s adventures.

Edge to Edge Pattern

It is always important to choose the correct pattern for the quilt, and many times, the quilt will provide hints as to what it needs. In this situation, the quilt consists of larger “blocks” so needed a pattern that would keep them in place over many washings. Celtic Sea spoke to the quilt creator and really did the job.

But look closer. The Edge to Edge pattern has a secondary benefit. This pattern, which looks a lot like waves, is a perfect fit for all the swim T-shirts! I did not notice this at first. It took writing this post for this to become evident. Sometimes providence has great power.

E2E Patterns
Celtic Sea

The finished T-Shirt Quilt

The choices made along the way sure make an impact on the finished product. Folks may think that because of the large “blocks” included in a quilt of this sort, that it would be an easy project. Not true! with traditional quilt piecing, we follow a set of rules or pattern. The blocks in a traditional quilt top fit together like puzzle pieces. T-Shirt quilts present a unique challenge. The blocks are usually many different heights and widths. You can see from the image below that a lot of thought went into putting all the different elements together.

Cleburne T-Shirt Quilt Front

Size is not the only challenge. In T-Shirt quilts we do not have control over the color or content of the different elements. So, we try to fit the physical elements (height and width) as well as the visual (color and content) to make one, beautiful quilt top. This one was a success!

Cleburne T-Shirt Quilt Back

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Sometimes you see fabrics and have conflicting emotions. You are torn between your desire to create something special and dread at the prospect of having to cut it all up!! Luckily, Miss Melanie had the courage to create something amazing. I give you, Catitude!


From a distance, this quilt is superb, but up close you can really see the colors! Gem tones in large medium and small scales next to dark black is a striking contrast.

The black coupled with jewel tones and swirls creates such amazing images. I especially love the almost the teal, purple and red textures that go with the busy patterns.

Edge to Edge Quilting

The edge to edge pattern we chose for this works in a variety of ways. First of all, the gentle curves help to soften all the hard lines of the large triangles and squares. Adiago the edge to edge pattrn used, also mimics the paisley pattern in the fabric itself. How fun!


Catitude Closer

Even closer up you can see how the quilting moves with the elements of the quilt. A simple “sage” color thread was used to unite many of the elements already there.

The kitty seems to approve of his place in the world. I sure do! And finally, the back has something to see as well. By utilizing yet another kitty block, the back is just as pretty as the top.

Catitude back

I can’t say enough of how much fun this quilt was to finish. I guess the best way to describe this gem is “eye candy”. Don’t you think we all should have a bit of Catitude?

We the People

We the People is a patriotic quilt created around a beautiful panel. I usually don’t like to use kits, patterns or other non-custom elements, but sometimes the artwork of others just speaks to me. Creating the rest of this quilt was so much fun, and gave me something interesting to work on while at a retreat at Broken K outside of Cleburne, TX and just a couple miles from my home.

We the People

Starting with a Panel

As with any project, you have to have a starting place. In this situation, my start was this amazing panel “We the People” that I found at the Dallas Quilt show.

The next image is the design inspiration. I did take creative license on some elements, and really love how it all turned out.

Choosing Fabrics

I love to collect theme fabrics, and patriotic is my favorite. Because I use comic book cards to store my treasures, it is easy to bring them down and audition them together.

These fabrics include a mixture of vintage and contemporary that I felt really worked well together.

Let the Piecing Begin!

Custom Quilting

I never considered a panel-inspired quilt to be a candidate for custom long-arm quilting, but this quilt turned out to be an exception.

Echo quilting around the applique stars
Custom quilted elements that fit the spaces
The back shows custom quilting that the front hides

I also had some help

Everyone needs a helping hand from time to time. My best helper is Princess LuLu Bear – at least she thinks she is helping!

Who is your favorite helper?

It’s Time to Bring On 2020

It’s a new year! It’s time to bring on 2020! And what will you be doing?

It seems the norm for quilters and other creative types to look back on all they have accomplished over the year. That’s all fine and good, but I am actually more about looking ahead.

Over the past year, I have accomplished a lot, but now is the time to take stock of all the things I have yet to do! I am starting a new list which will incorporate all the elements left behind in 2019 and also add a few more.

  • More Quilts of Valor – I helped out a few guilds this year but would like to up the total to a few more per month
  • Projects spawned from online groups – sometimes I think it is easy to forget the amazing resources (and people) available on line.
  • Try some new techniques: modern, thread painting, needle-turn applique..
  • Round Robin – our quilt guild is going to do this, and I have never tried it
  • Mini Quilts
  • Whole Cloth – this sounds so exciting!
  • Buy some fabric – YOU HEARD ME.. I have been challenging myself so much to use what I have that there are some major vacancies in stash categories. This could be fun 🙂
  • Make quilted/sewn gifts for the 2020 Christmas season – in advance!
  • Design a custom elven-inspired gown for Queen Selesti – I have some ideas, but want to be sure before I start and fabrics are going to be key.

I, unfortunately?, do not have UFO’s to worry about – I am really dead set against not finishing projects. I just can’t start something new without finishing the last one. I know, I’m weird! Instead, I like to pre-plan projects using Electric Quilt 8 or pen and paper. This way, when I finish up on a project, I can choose from others that have inspired me.

Don’t forget also to check the free Log Cabin pattern here: FREE KING CABIN CRANES PATTERN

I suppose I could look back… a little

Looking Back at 2019

Below are some of my favorite projects from 2019:

Enough of looking back – It’s time to bring on 2020!

Merry Christmas – 2019

The Holiday season is such a wonderful time to share with family and friends. It is also an amazing time to showcase our Holiday Quilts! With the weather turning cooler, they are more than beautiful – they are warm as well! Merry Christmas!

Here are a few of my favorites, I hope you enjoy the season snuggling up with those you love.

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