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Princess Quilt 2022

Princess Quilt 2022

Yay! A baby Quilt! Princess Quilt 2022 was pretty specific. Grandpa needed a quilt that spoke to his new special person.

Christmas Cheer 2022

Christmas Cheer

Christmas Cheer is another chandelier quilt. That was made as a gift to its creator. It’s about time Debbie get a pretty Christmas quilt of her own!

Blue and Gold Mystery Quilt 2022

Blue and Gold Mystery Quilt

I adore the colors that the creator used to make this Blue and Gold 2022 Mystery quilt for our guild. There is a perfect mixture of contrast and color.

Ashley's Easter dresses

Easter Dresses

Now this is an interesting project. Easter dresses was created from… Easter Dresses! Grandma brought pre-cut blocks in from her grand daughter’s dresses.