Future Projects – Puppy Love

Puppy Love is a quilt inspired by fabric and applique.  Every now and again, I sit down with either Electric Quilt 8 and/or a pencil and paper to map out future projects.  I find that by having some projects mapped out, I can move straight into sewing when I have the time.

In addition, I love to have some projects ready and on hand when I know a retreat is coming up.


Fabric, Pinterest, Need – These are my favorite types of inspiration, and you will see that the three projects I just mapped out fall into each of these categories.  Today, I will preview the first of these projects.  I will write about the other two in future posts.


The first project was inspired by fabric.  I bought both these fabrics a while back just knowing I wanted to use them together.  Recently, I bought some heart dyes from Accuquilt.  This was the inspiration I needed to create

Puppy Love


The fabric I spoke of is so cute!  As you can see, I used stock fabrics on the design above.  In reality, the fabrics have a better contrast so will be less muddy than the design.  I can “see” in my own mind how the fabrics will play, so I don’t fuss much about the actual fabrics when I am doing the digital design.

Compiling information for a future date

It doesn’t matter if I am going to do the project now, or at some later date, I always create a folder for swatches, patterns, images and a quilting data sheet.

In this case, I actually have two versions to pick from.

As I said, having projects mapped out for the future is a great way to be prepared for retreats.  By having everything in one place, I can easily be prepared for days of fun with fellow quilters.

NOTE:  As I am writing this post and looking at the images above, I have decided that I need to do a “random applique” in this quilt.  One of the larger hearts will actually end up being a red paw print.  This makes my heart happy.

My next post will feature another future quilt: Flying High Patriotic

How do you prepare for future projects?

Blue Beauty

Blue Beauty is a modern take on the American Beauty quilt.

Blue Beauty Quilt

I always wanted to create an American Beauty quilt but decided to do a small version first so I could concentrate on design and technique.


A few months back, I purchased some special, “Linda’s Choice Batting” from Linda’s Electric Quilters.

This batting is extremely dense. In fact, it looks like a blanket all itself!  Quilting it was very nice as it held its shape, took a needle very well and provided a sufficient amount of loft.  It wasn’t until after I took the quilt off of the machine, that I noticed some of my less dense quilting patterns were a bit poofy.  I may go back and add some fill to these.  Or, I may not – as soon as this quilt is washed, this probably won’t be an issue.


This is a smaller American Beauty quilt so I could concentrate on technique without getting overwhelmed.  I have paper-pieced before, but on the round can be a little tricky.  The process was quite fun, after I got the hang of it.

The design was created using Electric Quilt 8 Software. I focused on lots of open space for quilting and some full and partial American Beauty elements.  I was trying out both the pattern and the batting so wanted ample opportunity to work with both in a small space.

Blue Beauty Quilting

Now that I have tested the waters, there is surely another American Beauty quilt on my horizon.  For now, this little blue beauty will hang in my home.

Have you ever created an American Beauty quilt?

Cruise Quilt 1 – 2018

Last December (2017) I took our daughter on her first Cruise.  Not only did we have an amazing time, but I also found inspiration for quilting.  Check out the original post here. Cruise Quilt 1 was a great success.

Original Inspiration

The original image that inspired this first quilt was of a bench in the main eating area:

Cruise quilt 1 inspiration image

Layout Challenges

As I mentioned in my original post, I misread the pattern during my original assessment of this image.  What I saw was this:

Cruise Quilt 1 original layout


In reality, The pattern is more modern in design and includes different sized rectangles.  I try to avoid intricate math problems whenever possible. Jamie Thomas, my math instructor from College may find this whole conversation amusing.  Thank goodness for EQ8!  Electric Quilt takes away so much of the worry about designing the quilt.  I can spend my time on what matters to me most, and it is NOT the math!

Here is the actual layout that I used:

Cruise quilt 1 final layout

The Final Project

Ultimately, the final project was akin to the inspiration in design; however, I did change up the quilting.

Cruise Quilt 1 quilting

Instead of using the hard lined rectangular echo type designs that the inspiration had, I chose to use a curvy pattern that would soften the overall look.  This is, after all, my quilt!

Cruise Quilt 1 complete


The final product is very modern and fun.  I can see many more “inspired” quilts in my future!

More Rag Quilts

It’s OK to Try New Things

I think it is important to try new things and stretch your wings.  Recently, I made a baby rag quilt for a customer and fell in love with the process.  Check out that post HERE.

Shabby Chic Rag Quilt

There is something uniquely satisfying to the process of clipping the raw edges and then seeing how they come out, wash after wash.

A Dent in the Stash

When I started the baby chic quilt, I realized that I had a large quantity of flannel in my stash that I had bought on sale but never used.  Unfortunately, I had nothing that would be considered shabby chic or monotone.

This was not a bad thing; however.  Instead, I am using this as an opportunity to create some fun rag quilts.  This one is the first of many to come.

Green Rag Quilt

This cute rag quilt came about just from digging through my stash of flannel.  You know that stash, right?  It comes from those amazing flannel sales at your local craft retailer.  Over the years, I have bought quite a bit, but never was inspired to make a quilt until I came across the rag version.

I really fell in love with the shades of green, pops of yellow and brown and the overall composition.  Such a simple process and simple fabric choices create a fun, and warm quilt.

I have quite a few tops to finish up on the long arm, but when I get caught up, I can see another rag quilt in my future.

Do you like rag quilts?


Rag Quilt – Baby Shabby Chic

I recently had the opportunity to make a non-traditional baby rag quilt.  The lady that commissioned this quilt had a set of parameters to meet the design style of the mother – Shabby Chic.

Fabric Acquisition

You would think that fabric shopping for a small baby quilt would be a breeze. I found this not to be the case.  The rules were, no baby themes, no obvious patterns and everything in white, grey and tan.  This is not as easy to find as one may think.  White and grey – OK, that works. unfortunately, the shabby chic patterns in flannel were not as easy to come up with. I did find two patterns and two solids that played quite well together.

Shabby Chic Rag Quilt


After some random placement,I found that these fabrics played very well together and provided the look that the client wanted.  After being put all together, there was something lacking – the shabby part!

Shabby Chic Rag Quilt

Shabby Chic Rag Quilt

Dryer Debacle

Unfortunately, it was at this very moment that the heating element decided to go out on my dryer.  YIKES!  The problem stemmed from a clogged vent pipe.  It was time to call a technician.

Shabby Chic Rag Quilt

The technician installed a new heating element and the pipe was cleaned. I could now get down to the job of creating shabbiness.


Dryer RepairThe real trick to this process is washing in cold water and drying with 5 tennis balls!  Each subsequent washing will make this quilt softer and softer.

The Finished Product

The final result was a cute and shabby chic quilt that any baby will love!


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