Green Fleur & Gold Renaissance Gown

There has been a bit of interest regarding the gowns that I am making. Because of this, you will see more posts (I like to call them stories) about the gowns I make and their process. Recently, I finished a green and gold gown and can’t be happier with the results.

Green Fleur & Gold Gown


I used Margo Anderson’s Elizabethan Tailored Bodice and Lady’s Sleeves patterns as a guide as well as skirt patterns of my own design. All elements were altered to fit my own body.

Fabric, trim and embellishments

I was inspired specifically by the printed fleur de lis fabric that acts as a focal point of this gown. With this as my guide, I began to research other items that could be incorporated into the gown. The image below shows some of the elements I brought together. Not all of them made it to the final product, but you can see how each relates.

Green Fleur and Gold Elements
Green Fleur and Gold Elements

I fell in love with the double strung bead elements. The opalescence green and gold swirls were perfect for this dress. The brown/green filigree trim didn’t make the cut, instead I opted for a gold ribbon to overlay with the green. Other elements also found their way into this gown as time went on including gemstones to adhere to the green fleur fabric and strings of beads for trim.

Trim and beading

The process of overlaying the trim was time-consuming but not without it’s rewards.

Each sleeve receives a special beading treatment.

Unfortunately, the beads in the sleeve treatment above were not ideal, they tended to pop out of their light metal frame. I ended up affixing them with glue.

After the trim was in place, the work of adding beading to the over skirt began – over 3,000 beads in total. *Note, the white on the image above is not a smudge, it is chalk from the marks for the grommets that would be placed on the bodice and sleeves.

Beading the Over Skirt
Lots of beads!

You may notice that there are actually two versions of the Girdle Belt. The one above was just not substantial enough to be noticed with the green background fabric, so I made version 2 below.

Take 2 of the Girdle Belt – much nicer!

Below is the finished product at Scarborough Renaissance Faire. I say “finished product” loosely as I am actually working on another bodice version as we speak and would like to also make a jacket. Luckily, when I find fabric I like, I buy a lot of it just in case!

You will also notice that I created a matching hat and bag to finish the overall look.

So, what’s next on my list.. well below is a little sneak preview:

Red Fleur and Gold coming soon!

You are My Sunshine

Every new baby deserves a quilt to welcome them into this world. You are My Sunshine is the perfect gift of color and warmth for a special child. Buttery yellows and vibrant blues – these are some of my favorite colors!

You are my Sunshine Baby Quilt

The blues, black and sunny yellows provide for the perfect contrast of this quilt. The next choice was the quilting. This proved to be quite the easy decision. Margaret had already decided on the perfect E2E flower design. You can find this and other designs HERE.

Edge to Edge Patterns
Blossom Cluster
Blossom E2E

The creamy yellow Superior Thread was a perfect compliment that worked with all the different values in this beautiful quilt. I don’t know of a child that would not love to keep this beauty forever.

What type of baby quilt is your favorite?

This is Your Life

Sometimes a customer presents a real challenge. This is Your Life challenged me in so many ways!

This is your life

The This is Your Life Quilt represents just about all the elements you can find in a quilt. From applique, to embellishments, this one has it all! You will find patches, beads, pieces of lace not to mention T-shirts and regular clothing.

When all these elements are put together, there is a lot to consider when quilting.

Stefany - your wings were ready but our hearts were not

This quilt is so special in so many ways. As a gift for a young man to commemorate many life events, it is also remembers a loved one who passed away. It was an honor to work on this gift of love.

Memory Block
Teddy Bear Block

Gold thread worked so well with every single block of this quilt.

The back also held some unexpected beauty.

Have you ever created a Memory Quilt?

Original Sewing and Quilting Expo – Arlington – 2019

Yipee! Another Quilt Show! Sew and Quilt Expo is one of my favorite shows because it combines two of my favorite things – Sewing and Quilting! I guess that’s why they call it “The Original Sewing & Quilting Expo”.

As with most of my Quilt Show posts, expect less talk and more images. The first image; however, is of a special find. These beautiful faux fur pieces will be finding their way onto collars and cuffs of future garments.

Vendors, Groups and Show Folks

I say it every time I talk about these shows, but half the fun is visiting with people that have the same loves that I do. Here are a few of the shops that I visited. Some were local and some from as far away as Ohio! It’s always great to spend time with old and new friends.

Quilts, Quilts and Quilts!

As promised, here come the quilts, but this time, I am showing some as full and close images to showcase some of the great quilting done. As a long-arm quilter myself, I certainly appreciate the choices and skill involved in these beauties. I took a lot more images than this, but here are my favorites.

Did you get a chance to visit the Sew and Quilt Expo in Arlington this year? If not, mark your calendar for next season – you will not regret it!

For some reason, I didn’t share my 2018 experience, but click below to see what the 2017 Arlington Sew and Quilt Expo was all about.

2017 Sew and Quilt Festival – Arlington

Plano Quilt Show – 2019

I love attending quilt shows because they always deliver. The Plano Quilt Show for 2019 did not disappoint. From vendors to amazing quilt creations, there was so much to see and do. As usual with posts about quilt shows, let it be more about the images and less about my words:

From the moment you walk in, there is a feeling of pride in the work this guild does. From guild-themed quilts to the amazing folks assisting visitors, you just know how much they love what they do.

Vendors and Groups

Among the organizations and vendors, I got to meet with the TAQG Representatives, Fred from Gray Rooster and a new friend from Hill Country Cotton. Every year it is so much fun to connect with old and new friends.

It isn’t a quilt show without the quilts!

I love the puppies!

More amazing quilts

The best picture of the day!

To be so excited at such a young age!

Who could resist snapping a shot of this lovely little enthusiast? This cutie was dancing, pointing and generally having the best time of anyone at the show. She warmed more than my heart for sure!

Are you ready for 2020? The Plano Quilt Guild sure is!

Click on this THANK YOU to check out the 2020 show!

Did you attend? I sure hope so because it is so worth the trip each and every year. And speaking of prior years, check out these posts from years past:

Plano Quilt Show 2018

Plano Quilt Show 2017

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