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Gone Fishing

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It is not always easy to make masculine quilts. Maybe it is because we tend to create what appeals to us? Well, Gone Fishing hit the mark and is so visually interesting as well.

Gone Fishing

E2E Quilting

Sometimes, searching for a motif can yield little to no results. In these cases, it is important to look at all designs. Sometimes, their suitability will surprise you. Celtic Sea is such an E2E design for this quilt. This is yet another Urban Elementz E2E that I love
E2E Patterns

This design created a wavy pattern that emulates the ocean waves. It also takes on the look of a school of fish from a distance.

Gone Fishing Close 1
Gone Fishing Close 2

Looking at the images above, you can also see how special these blocks are. Gone Fishing!

Quilt Back

I love the texture on the back of this quilt.

Gone Fishing Back

This is an example of the quilting showing to advantage on the back.

Final Quilt Stats

Quilt Name: Gone Fishing
Size: 55 x 70
Quilt Pattern: Celtic Sea
Thread: 10CG3 Cool Grey 3 Glide
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