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GH Harry Potter

Not that long ago, I did a Harry Potter commission quilt for a client. It was so neat to see GH Harry Potter come to me for quilting. It reminded me of how much fun my own version was.

GH Harry Potter Front

E2E Quilting

This was a tough one to decide on. Any motif that showed, brooms, for example would look too much like Halloween. After a bit of searching, the client chose Argyle.

Edge to Edge Patterns
Argyle has a geometric feel that really worked well with this quilt. It did not take away from the cute fabrics and provided great stability.
If you look up close you can see how this E2E design works with the fabrics.
GH Harry Potter Close 2
GH Harry Potter Close 1

Due to the amount of dark (black) fabrics, Titanium Glide was the chosen thread. This was a good choice considering these colors.

Quilt Back

This is one of those quilts that looks amazing from the back.

GH Harry Potter Back

The texture and color are perfect and creates lots of interest.

Final Quilt Stats

Quilt Name: GH Harry Potter Quilt
Size: 49 x 74
Quilting Pattern: Argyle
Thread: Titanium Glide
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