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George’s Quilt

The best quilts have special meaning. George’s Quilt was gifted by our Guild to honor the folks that manage our meeting facility. George is present for every meeting, making sure all is ready and holding the door with a smile.

George's Quilt

The style was appropriately masculine but not stodgy. George was so surprised.

E2E Quilting

This was a “quilter’s choice” design and I chose something that worked with the fall colors.


Curly Maple is a 2014 Urban Elementz design by Denise Schillinger. I like how the curls compliment the small squares of color.

Other E2E Designs are also available to view on the website.

George's Quilt Close
George's Quilt Close 2

The backing fabric complimented the front well. Glide Linen thread looked great on the front and back of George’s Quilt

George's Quilt Back

Gifted quilts are the best quilts!

Final Quilt Stats:

Quilt Name: George’s Quilt
Size: 63 x 48
Quilt Pattern: Curly Maple
Thread: Linen Glide
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