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From Wisconsin to Texas – The search for a stable

Ok, many of you know how important our horses are to me.  If you didn’t know already – be warned.

They are my 16 hand babies for goodness sake!  In Wisconsin, even though the winters were harsh, my kids were spoiled as much as possible.  Rusty wore bug rugs in the summer because he would welt up so badly and they both had full sub-zero gear plus comfy stalls in the wintertime. — They LOVE their stalls.

Because the barn was a good distance from the house, we even installed a camera from Trailer Eyes so I could keep an eye on things from the kitchen.  Anyway, you get the picture. So, when the time came to figure out what to do with them when we moved, it was a very long and detailed process.  We knew we wanted to board them for at least the first 30 days, but were not sure where they should stay.

I should back up just a tad to note that our home in Wisconsin was on the market for a very long time. There were many factors that contributed to this which I may go into later.  This meant that for over 3 years I scoped out an area south of our corporate office in a half circle that included many different towns. Overall, there were about half a dozen stables that I put into my home search data base.  From these sites, I received lots of information, pictures and even added a couple to my Facebook page.

Ultimately, the decision had less to do with price and more to do with how I felt about the people at the stable overall.  From the moment I added JoMar Farms and Joni Brown as a friend on Facebook, I felt connected.  Almost daily, posts about horses, the facility and items of interest came through from both the stable and Joni.

You know how it feels to read a really good book?  After just a few pages you forget that you are sitting on your front porch reading and, instead, take on the life of the characters?  You are THERE!  This is how I felt each time I read a post from JoMar Stables.  I could picture our horses living here as they waited for us to join them.This was the reason we chose JoMar Farms to care for Rusty and Spirit while we were in the process of moving cross-country and getting the new place set up for them.

Deciding where to board them was not very difficult – the process of moving them; however, was much more exciting!

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