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From Wisconsin To Texas – Part 1

I know that many have watched my posts on Facebook to see how the progress of our move has been going, but not many know the entire story!  Here is the first installment of our new adventure!

The day was fast approaching, boxes were packed, our address was set to change and everything was ticking along famously.  The only hitch in the git was the weather.  Those of you who are still up in the frozen waste lands know exactly what I am talking about! This was the timetable:

  • Wisconsin Close – February 14, 2014
  • Horses picked up to head to Texas – February 20, 2014
  • Texas Close – February 21, 2014
  • Leave for Texas – February 24, 2014

It seemed that each week leading up to and through our move was met with new snowfall and sub-zero temperatures.

Was Wisconsin leaving her mark on us one final time?


Spirit and Rusty were none too pleased when, at 9:30 PM the semi pulled up on the road to come take them to their new home.

Unfortunately, Mother Nature had done her best to make this the worst experience possible. The 1,000 foot driveway from the barn to road was glare ice and dangerous for any type of travel.  To get the horses to the trailer safely, I had to lead them through 3 feet of snow in the pasture the entire way. By the time I made the journey I was soaking wet, freezing cold and not just a little cranky.

There was one other emotion as well – Pride.  I was so very proud of both my kids for walking the distance, in the dark by my side with supreme patience.

The drivers were amazing as well. Their first concern was our horses comfort and safety. When they left to head to Texas ahead of us, I felt confident that both Spirit and Rusty would receive the best of care.  We highly recommend Equine Express for their professional service and would use them again.


Bailey is so tuckered out from packing, she took a snooze on the baker’s rack!

Living in one spot for over 20 years is bound to create a lot of possessions – er or just plain Junk!  I consider myself a very practical person who does not store unnecessary items, but I guess I don’t know myself all that well – or others in our family.  We spent months literally packing, selling, giving stuff away and throwing stuff out. With that said, we still had a full moving van plus our horse trailer.

I cannot thank our great friends and neighbors enough for chipping in to take items off our hands.  I hope that all the household goods, horse equipment, furniture and game room items will provide as much joy for you all, as they have for us.


The day arrived and things went pretty smooth.  It took a long time to load all our belongings on the truck as well as a tractor,

lawn mower, 4-wheeler and a Corvette.  Because of good-ole’ Mother Nature, we had to have two straight trucks haul our belongings out and a semi wait on the road for the larger items. Ultimately, they found their place in one truck to make the trek to Texas. After all that was said and done, we had to fill the horse trailer with our remaining things.

Is this the end of the journey?  HELL NO!  As we pulled out of the drive at around 4 PM, our adventure was only beginning – More to come.

*NOTE:  When making a cross-country move, NEVER expect your stuff to be to your new place soon after your arrival.

2 thoughts on “From Wisconsin To Texas – Part 1”

    1. Linda, people ask me if we are happy in the new house all the time. I never hesitate to respond emphatically YES!! There is nothing about our new house, community and state that I have found as a negative yet. Yea, the heat will come, but that is a small price to pay for everything else that this move has provided.

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